Bakery Menu

Chin Chin / 8oz
Eggs, flour, and sugar fried to a golden brown (cinnamon optional)
Beignet / 12 per box
Deep fried pastry made from dough and topped with powdered sugar
Filled Pie / 5 per box
Perfectly flaky and baked to a golden brown with your choice of filling
(chocolate, apple jam, strawberry jam)
Home Baked Rolls / 1ea
Freshly baked using almond flour and etc…
Home Baked Bread / 1ea
Freshly baked bread using almond flour and etc..
Lemon Muffin / 6 per box
Made from fresh lemons and baked to a golden brown
Kitchen Sink Cookies / 6 per box
A chewy cookie made from mixture of coconut, banana, cinnamon,
almonds, chocolate chips, and oatmeal